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About Us

Altınpetek Besin Üretim (Altınpetek Food Production) was founded by Şaban Ençetin in 1979 in Ankara. Ençetin family who could reach in the beginning at only a limited number of its retail customers in a small manufacturing shop many years ago, take now justified pride of being the owner of a firm which exports largest amount of HONEY in Turkey in the last 3 years, equipped by state of the art technology on an area of  50.000 m2, positioned at top level in terms of hygiene and quality, professionalized at global firms level.

Altınpetek Besin Üretim also occupies is the position of being the main supplier of many well-known reliable honey brands which earned the trust of consumers particularly in America and Europe since longer than 25 years.

In addition to the food safety certificates like ISO9001,HACCP22000 possessed today within Turkey standards, also due diligent controls and full analyses are being mad efor each gram of product packaged by our firm. We would like to specify with emphasis that all the analyses and controls made are not only within Turkish standards but also “natural honey purity” analyses at higher level and in more detail are being made for each lot of honey as an exporter firm.

As it was before, today and in the future, too, Altınpetek Besin Üretim shall keep ongoing to offer to you, our precious consumers, the honey, naturality of which has been proved, by means of controls and analyses based only on science by never stopping its relationship with the Universities and laboratories both, in Turkey and abroad.

-We are selling to the World not a brand but “TURKISH HONEY”.
-We are growing by taking behind us the power of more than 40.000 families.


Benefits of Honey


Modern sterilized waters, gauze strips and pomades are available for cuts, burns occurring on the skin however, if your are in a place where you can’t reach at these and if you have honey at your hands, you can apply this on the wound thus it would ensure protection against microbes and by this way you can make it easier the wound to get healed. Don’t forget to refresh the honey every 12 hours until the wound gets healed.


Honey which is rich in “polyphenols” present in vegetable origin food and shown among the most effective antioxidants, provides protection by neutralizing the free radicals which open the way to various diseases. In case, you don’t have to keep the blood sugar under control due to diabetes, you can reduce the risk of facing serious helath problems such as, cancer, heart diseases by consuming honey instead of refined sugar.


If you think that you are not sufficiently energetic during exercises requiring effort, 1 tablespoon of honey can provide you the energy you need. Honey which is rich in antioxidants, too, in addition to its content of fructose and glucose, can be consumed as a natural energy source instead of energy chocolates, carbohydrate powder or energy drinks.


By adding into hot water 2-3 teaspoons of honey you can consume honey which offers an effective solution to heal the cough. However, specialists never recommend honey for babies younger than 1 year-old. The reason for this is that it causes botulism which is a serious food poisoning and seen in babies although very rare.


Honey can be consumed as a natural alternative to reduce LDL cholesterol known as “bad cholesterol”. In studies carried out on this subject, it is being specified that consuming honey regularly reduces total cholesterol in an average rate of 5%.
Benefits for the skin: Due to its structure preventing infection and cleaning bacteria, honey occupies the first line among natural products recommended for treatment of pimples occurring on the face. While honeyed face masks prevent accumulation of bacteria triggering formation of pimples, acne, these also help the present pimples to get healed in a shorter time. Moreover, these trap the humidity hence they ensure the skin to become softer.

Caution: Benefits of honey are many for children, too, however, it is being recommended babies up to 1 year-old not to let them eat honey.

Altın Petek